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Brooklyn MMA Special
Get one year full access membership plus 2 months free for $1200. To take advantage of this offer contact us and mention the web only offer.


BROOKLYN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS is Brooklyn's 1st REAL MMA Academy. Open 7 days a week. We have 7 different Coaches. Pro fighters, Amatuer Fighters,and people looking to get in great shape. (Judo,Wrestling,BJJ,Boxing,Muay Thai and MMA). First Class Free,come join the family

Now offering No Contract Membership options- Department of Education Special 25% OFF - Summer Programs Coming

FIGHT TEAM -- If you have the desire to compete make Brooklyn MMA your new home

Boxing Program 4 Days a week, Each class is 90 min and our Boxing Program is No Contract

New Academy Now Open 5012 Ave N

Kids Little warrior program ages 4-8

Jr Warrior Program Ages 8-12 Learn Kickboxing,Boxing,Wrestling and Braziliian Jiu Jitsu!!!!!!

Teen MMA (real mma) the only real teen mma program around. First class free come on down

Our BJJ program is taught by George Panagiotakos (Blackbelt under Pablo Popovitch) and Harry St. Leger

Well rounded children become well rounded adults.
  • Women Cardio Kickboxing and Conditioning
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu
  • Western Boxing
  • Strength and Conditioning (for MMA)
  • MMA
  • Muay Thai
Our MMA class is for all levels and consists of:
  • Technique
  • MMA conditioning drills
  • Pad work
  • Heavy Bag work
  • The Clinch Game
  • Lots more
Our Muay Thai class focuses on:
  • Technique. (Knees,elbows,Clintch game)
  • Thai Pads
  • Focus Mitts
  • Heavy Bag
  • Sparring (Moderate and Advanced)


Boxing program (Foot work,Pad work,Bag work,Conditioning)